Report, Echo 5

The Poetry of Engineering

Nezahualcóyotl, the Engineer Poet and the need to look at ourselves through chimeric eyes.

“. . . do we really live
with roots in the ground?. . .”

Do we really live with
roots in the ground?

Not forever on earth:
just a little here.

Even if it's jade it breaks,
even if it is gold it breaks,
even the plume of quetzal gets torn

One does not live forever on this earth:
We endure only for an instant

No one in jade,
No one in gold, will turn.
On earth, everything will remain.

We will all leave,
Over there, anyway
No one, will remain
Together, we shall perish.

Like a painting,
We will fade,
Like a Flower,
We Will Dry
Upon the Earth.